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How to Have the Best Engagement Ever!

Whether you’ve been planning your wedding for months or if you’re recently engaged, this wedding planning blog post is just for you! The months and maybe years leading up to your big day will consist of many decisions you’ll have to make – from the venue to the décor to the bridesmaid’s dresses and more! You better get ready to be a decision making king or queen!

While we always suggest hiring a wedding planner for your big day, you can definitely get by with some help from your fiancé, friends, and family! Keep reading below for some tips and tricks on how to actually enjoy being engaged and not stressing out about the planning process!

Wedding Planning Dates

One cool trend that we have heard of is having wedding planning dates. Instead of nagging your fiancé on a constant basis about guest lists and RSVPs and linen colors at all time of the day (and night, and possibly in the middle of the night), plan wedding planning dates!

These dates will be fun for you and your fiancé to go to your favorite restaurant and hash out all of the details for your big day. Plan to spend at least 2 hours there so you can make the most out of your time. When you get home, try to keep the wedding talk to a minimal! This way it won’t consume your lives for the next year and a half. Trust us, it can easily get that way!

Best Engagement

via Style Me Pretty

Best Engagement Ever. The bridesmaid

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Set Up & Pick Up Crew

If hiring a wedding planner is not an option, then you’ll want to make sure that you have someone in charge of setting up your wedding décor & picking it up at the end of the night. We recommend not having family members or bridal party take on this task. Typically aunts or cousins or someone that isn’t going to be in the wedding processional will take care of this for the couple. That way mom and bridesmaids and close family can enjoy being pampered or the calm of the wedding day.

Best Engagement Ever. table setting

via Oh Best Day Ever

Best Engagement Ever. the venue aisle

via Calamigos Ranch

Getting the Invites Ready

Take it from us, assembling invitations is no easy task. You’re going to want your #squad with you to help stuff , address, stamp and organize your invitations. If you have an assembly line of 4-5 people each working on a different task, you’ll be able to tackle those invitations in no time!

Best Engagement Ever. Bachelorette party

via Plum Pretty Sugar


We hope these ideas gave you a better idea on how to delegate tasks to your friends and family. For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Instagram and Pinterest!

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