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Inexpensive and Creative DIY Wedding Ideas

Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

Photo by: Magpie & Rye Photography

Inexpensive Wedding Ideas: Calling all Pinterest brides! We know you are ready to get your hands dirty and DIY. Making certain items for your wedding instead of buying will save you a significant amount of money, which you can use elsewhere (like the honeymoon, wink wink).


Even if you aren’t a DIY master, there are hundreds of party favors, centerpieces, and décor items that are easy to make and will look like you picked them up at the store!


Inexpensive Wedding Ideas and Creative DIY




Don’t be fooled, there are tons of faux flowers you can use in place of real flowers. You can still incorporate your favorite blossoms in your bouquet and boutonnieres and utilize the faux flowers for your centerpieces, or vice versa. This will significantly cut down your costs. And if you are really crafty, try making one of these paper flower bouquets!

wedding flowers

Photo by: Something New Media


Table Centerpieces


If you like the look of candlesticks, visit your local arts and crafts store for some wooden sticks of different shapes and heights, then spray paint with whatever color you want.


Another inexpensive wedding ideas you could try is glass vases can be found online, or if you book with us here at Warehouse 215, you receive glass cylinder vases as a part of your package, along with a few other centerpiece options at no extra cost! You can fill the vases with water and add floating candles or fill them with small LED string lights. So many options!

table center piece

Photo by: Courtney Sargent Photography


Wedding Arch


Building an arch may seem daunting, but trust us, it’s easier than you think. Pair with sheer fabric, string lights or florals to add depth and color. Plus, having the arch in the background will make for some beautiful photos! Click here to learn how to build your dream arch.

Inexpensive Wedding Ideas or creative DIY is wedding arch

Photo by: Photos by Leanna




Channel your inner scrapbooking queen! It’s as simple as using an app such as Adobe Spark Post to create the background and add the wording. Once printed, now it’s time to add a couple special touches, like wrapping a bow with twine or cutting the edges of the paper with pattern crafting scissors. Let your imagination run wild!

Inexpensive Wedding Ideas for invitation

Photo by: Marissa Belle Photography

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