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Keeping to Your Wedding Timeline

Wedding Timeline Tips by Phoenix Event Venue

Photo by Mike Olbinski


Wedding Timeline Tips by Phoenix Event Venue


Wedding Timeline: It’s the day of your wedding and your anxiety kicks in. All of the “what ifs” fill your head. Having a great wedding timeline can be one of the most useful, important things for your day, and will absolutely relieve your day-of stress. Giving yourself enough—but not too much—time for everything you need can feel like a huge task, especially if you’ve never planned a wedding or a big event before. Here are a few items to keep in mind as you begin to schedule your wedding day timeline.



Keep Travel Time In Mind


If you are traveling to a specific location to have your hair and make-up done, think about how long your appointment will take and if there will be any traffic on the way there and also on the way to the church/venue. Take into account the time of day and if the wedding location is in a busy part of town.

Wedding Timeline Tips by Phoenix Event Venue Bride Preparation

Photo by Katelyn Cantu


Don’t Plan Down to the Minute


It will be almost impossible to stay on a schedule that is too strict. It’s important to leave room for error or unforeseen circumstances. It is still important to stick to the schedule as best you can so that there aren’t any unnecessary lulls throughout the day, but go easy on yourself if you are running a few minutes early or behind.

Wedding Timeline Tips by Phoenix Event Venue Couple kiss on car

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Not Keeping Yourself on Schedule


If you don’t have a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, it will be a good idea to share the schedule with a member of your bridal party, and ask them to keep you aware of the time. You should be enjoying your day, not looking at your watch every few minutes. It will be a good idea to have a point person in the group who will help keep everyone aware of the plan and move things along if needed.

Wedding Timeline Tips by Phoenix Event Venue Toast

Photo by Jonnie and Garrett Photography


Picking a Skilled DJ


More than likely, your DJ will be emceeing throughout the wedding, so it is very important that they stay on schedule. They will be the one to keep the evening flowing smoothly so that the reception starts on time, guests are fed in a timely manner and making sure there is enough time for dancing after dinner and speeches. You certainly do not want any awkward pauses. We absolutely love the guys over at Impact DJ’s here in Phoenix. You can read more about them on our blog here.

Wedding Timeline Tips by Phoenix Event Venue DJ Prep

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