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Must-Have Kit for a Stress Free Wedding Day

Must-Have Kit for a Stress Free Wedding Day

Photo by Magpie & Rye Photography


One of the saddest moments of any wedding day is when something goes wrong. And someone has to leave to pick up whatever is needed to fix the problem. We’re sure you don’t want any of your family or friends to miss a second of your big day, or stray too far from your timeline. This can be prevented with a pre-stocked wedding day kit you can quickly and easily dip into if needed.


10 Must-Have Item on your Wedding Day Survival Kit

Any good wedding planner has their own kit ready to go, but if you’ve chosen to forego a planner. Or just want to be absolutely prepared, here’s what you’ll want:


light sparklers dance on a wedding party

Photo by Dan Sauer


  1. Breath mints – you’re about to walk down the aisle and want to make extra sure that your breath is nice and fresh for your big kiss!


  1. First Aid Kit – First of all, you’re wearing an outfit (dress or otherwise) and shoes that you’ve probably never worn before, so you never know if something is going to rub you the wrong way, especially while on the dance floor! You’ll definitely need band-aids of all sizes and disinfectant. Another important item is pain reliever for any aches and pains.


  1. Mini sewing kit – Tears and rips happen, someone steps on a dress or skirt or train and something gives up. Make sure you have needles, thread, buttons, safety pins, and scissors on hand to take care of any issues that might come up.


  1. Hair Elastics and LOTS of Bobby Pins


  1. Sunscreen – if you are having an outdoor ceremony, don’t forget to protect your skin. Nobody wants to look red for their pictures.


  1. Bathroom/Beauty products – nail polish remover, makeup, tampons, deodorant, Q-tips, lint roller, hairspray, floss, any just about anything else you deem important!


  1. Stain remover, duh!


  1. Water bottle and snacks – stay hydrated and settled before ceremony


  1. Lighters – just in case someone forgot to bring one for any candles or to light sparklers


  1. Last but not least….Tissues! Don’t be afraid to tear up on your big day


Stay as stress free as possible on your wedding day!


Brides maid retouching bride's make up and gown

Photo by Katelyn Cantu


Remember the love, fun and smiles, not the one thing that went wrong. Being prepared with a wedding day kit will help put your mind at ease. And let you focus on enjoying your day!

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