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New Years Eve Wedding.

Brooke and Thomas tied the knot at Warehouse 215 on New Year’s Eve of 2017! The evening was filled with personal moments and touches and it was the perfect way to ring in the new year!

Event Venue Phoenix Before the wedding Photo shoot Event Venue Phoenix New years wedding perfect couple

Brooke wore a stunning and modern gown. The sleek lines reflected the modern elements of their entire day! Thomas wore a classic black suit with white shoes for a spin on the traditional groom look. We loved how Brooke and Thomas let their personalities and personal style shine on their wedding day attire!

Event Venue Phoenix New years wedding The bride

Brooke’s bridal party donned modern black dresses. We loved their bright bouquets that added for a nice touch of color and contrast with their chic black dresses. The groomsmen wore matching black suits and also sported the white tennis shoes to match Thomas. What a snazzy looking bridal party!

Event Venue Phoenix Couple

What was most special about Brooke and Thomas’ day were the special details of their wedding! Their table numbers listed their New Year’s resolutions – what a cool idea! Thomas wore an Irish pin to pay homage to his heritage. Brooke and Thomas even hired a live painter for their wedding to capture the night through an artist. These small but very special details are what made their wedding day so personal and memorable to the couple!

Event Venue Phoenix First Dance as married couple Event Venue Phoenix The perfect serenade on your wedding with a classic harp

Brooke, Thomas, and their closest friends and family sure did the party the night away! They brought out Happy New Year Hats to spice up the festivities and to get in the mood to ring in the New Year! We always love a good New Years wedding because our couples and all of their friends will say on each New Years “remember that New Years at Brooke and Thomas’ wedding!?”

Event Venue Phoenix Brooke Thomas Event Venue Phoenix New years eve wedding

A huge thank you to all of the amazing vendors who made this wedding happen, especially Mike Oblinski Photography!

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Photography: @mikeolbinskiphotography











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