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A Peek into the Wedding of Jeff and Serena…

Some weddings that we host at our venue just touch our heart and leave a lasting impression on us. Towards the end of last year, Serena and Jeff said their “I Dos” and celebrated with us at Warehouse 215. It truly was a magical evening and one that we wanted to share with you all! Whether you are planning your future wedding or looking for a relaxing read, we think this wedding is too good not to share!

Come with us as we show you a peek into the weddings that we host at our unique and historic venue in Downtown Phoenix!

The Décor

Keeping with their very simple and vintage vibe, the décor matched just perfectly! Each table was simple and the main piece of décor was their large initials standing on the floor. A major theme of this reception was their use of candles. Tea light candles add just a serene and loving feel to any room. Overall the room was rather dark in lighting setting a very romantic tone.

A Peek into the Wedding of Jeff and Serena

Their seating chart was displayed in a unique way! They took two full-length mirrors and evenly spaced them to show each table and who would be where. Around the top of the mirrors was greenery and also some more candles toward the bottom. They really focused on a simple and relaxed reception and did an excellent job at that!

A Peek into the Wedding of Jeff and Serena The Decor

Our favorite feature of the evening was the stunning monogram over the head table! The monogrammed ‘T’ behind the head table created a unique spotlight of the couple and their bridal party! Mixed with some beautiful uplighting and or gorgeous chandeliers – this reception has all the moody vibes that we truly enjoy!


A Peek into the Wedding of Jeff and Serena table setting

The Couple

The focus of every wedding, the couple! Their looks paired perfectly with our venue, their color scheme and overall feel they were going for. The colors were mainly white, gold, and some greenery. The bridal party was decked out in gorgeous gold gowns and held white and green bouquets, matching the brides! The bridal party looked so cohesive and really matched our venue and their theme.

A Peek into the Wedding of Jeff and Serena: The couple

We hope you felt like a guest at this incredible celebration of love! We love looking back at weddings we have hosted here. Head over to our Pinterest and Instagram for more inspiration!

Thank you to the amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Planning: Your Jubilee

Catering: Atlasta Catering

Décor: Tremaine Ranch

Photographer: Jonnie and Garrett

Cake: Piece of Cake


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