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Real WH215 Wedding in Phoenix: Judith & Auggie

It is so hard to believe it’s already been a year since Judy and Auggie had their wedding here at Warehouse 215! Their wedding was unbelievable and the perfect fall pallet!

A team full of amazing vendors helped to put this beautiful set up together! The sweetheart wedding table with draping and gorgeous floral behind it makes the perfect statement piece to showcase the newlyweds!

wedding fall pallet phoenix aztable wedding set up

Even all of the tableware had deep amber tones that filled the whole space with warmth and love- perfect for November!

wedding table in amber tone in a reception at a perfect wedding venue in phoenix az

Wishing the happy couple an amazing anniversary, and so happy to have been a part of their day!

Real WH215 Perfect Wedding in Phoenix: Judith & Auggie


Hart Films Photography

Prim Rentals

The Confetti Studio

Bloom Maven

Claudia Davila

Contact us today to start planning your Warehouse 215 wedding in Downtown Phoenix!

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