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Perks to a Weekday Wedding!

With all of the craziness of this year, 2021 is filling up quickly! We’re so excited to celebrate safely with everyone, and for popular months like April & October, we encourage couples to look into weekday dates as a back up! We’re also booking Micro Weddings Sunday-Thursdays in 2021, and a Thursday night wedding might be just want you need! There’s so many perks to a weekday wedding, and are much more flexible for guests than you think!

Weekday Wedding perks az

Flexibility for your Budget

One of the best perks about this is the Weekday wedding rental rates, a little more flexible for your budget and allows for more splurging on the fun stuff- like flowers, rentals, and beverages! We also have a specially discounted price for Tuesday weddings until the end of 2020 called Tie the Knot Tuesdays!

bride and groom with their guest

A Weekend Long Celebration

With guests traveling from out of town, this gives you a great opportunity to make a whole weekend celebration out of your wedding! Start your wedding Thursday night and give guests time to relax & gain a little vacation out of the travel. Our venue is right in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, with so many incredible options for sports arenas, concerts, restaurants/bars, and more! Explore all of the amazing sites throughout Arizona so that the party extends & you get extra time with everyone.

wedding prenup shoots on rooftop with many modern buildings on the background

Extra Availability

The extra availability of dates is also very helpful for couples trying to set a date, and especially for our specialty pricing like our Micro Wedding packages!

Contact our team to make the most of your dream day!

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