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Picking the Perfect Playlist for your Wedding

As wedding season is in full swing, you most likely already have a DJ or band picked out for your big day. The music you pick really dictates the mood it will put people in. Music is an extremely important aspect to think about and plan. Most of the time, DJ’s have songs picked that work well for weddings they have done in the past but it’s good to include your own style into it. Jot down a list of songs that you would want to be included on a master list and ask your fiancé to make one too! Not only will this be a great way to bond and spend time together but it also allows for them to be a part of the planning process!

We put together different things to consider when creating your wedding playlist.

Think of Your Guests

Not to sound crazy but your guests are not all the same age. Many of them will be your age but there are also a lot of people that will be older than you. Keep in mind music that they might enjoy to listen to while eating or chatting with people after the ceremony. Everyone loves a good throwback song to the early 2000s or even earlier than that! On your RSVP, you could include a line where they write down a song they would like to here at your reception. This allows for your guests to feel included and gives you an idea of what songs to pick.

beautiful newly weds dancing in a sweet slow song black and white

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the engagement ring

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Get Up and Dance

Remember all the songs you jammed out to when you were in high school, college, and even after when you’d hang out with your girlfriends?? Gather up all those songs and re-listen to make sure that what you once liked is still something you’re interested in. Just like your taste buds, your taste in music changes too. This gives you the perfect opportunity to break open a bottle of wine (…or two) and jam out to old songs with close friends to narrow down the perfect playlist!

lovely couple dancing in the middle of celebrating crowd

via Wedding Dream on Instagram

couple focus just the two of them

via Wedding Pics

Keep What You Like in Mind

Although you want to make your guests happy, you should remember that this is your wedding and the music you want to hear is important. If there is a certain country song that you love but don’t think anyone else would enjoy, you should still add it to your master list. Not everyone is going to love each song so pick what would make you happy instead of what will make others happy.

Happy dancing couple

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Phoenix Wedding Venue Playlist father and daughter dance after the wedding

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