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Proposing to Him

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Proposing to Him? Here are Tips from your Phoenix Wedding Venue – Warehouse 215


We’ve posted many wedding themed blogs on the Phoenix Wedding Venue Warehouse 215 website about staying true to your wants and needs, even if that means you don’t follow the norm or traditions. Something we’ve been seeing more and more of in heterosexual relationships is the woman proposing to the man. You probably know your significant other better than anyone, so if proposing to him is something you know will make you both happy – go for it!


That said, there are a few things to consider when popping the question. Let’s look at some tips and hints that will help you decide if you want to be the one to propose, and how to plan it.



Are you both ready?


Proposing marriage is a big deal, so take some time to evaluate where your relationship currently stands, and if you are both ready to take the next step. Discussing the possibility of marriage and a timeline that feels right for both of you is a healthy and necessary talk to have before popping the question.


Proposing to him by phoenix wedding event venue warehouse 215, black and white couple hugging each other on a very rustic brick background

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Is he insistent on being the one to propose?


There is nothing wrong with tradition. Your mate might still want to come up with an elaborate plan to surprise you. Feel him out by bringing up something you saw on TV or in a magazine about women proposing to men. Or just come right out and ask if he would be upset if you proposed to him instead of the other way around. Since this isn’t quite a normal practice yet, it will take some men time to move away from this tradition.


Phoenix event venue with couple on their wedding party toast

Photo by Mike Olbinski


Know his personality


It is very important to take into account his personality type. Is he shy, is he flashy? Would it be important to him to have his family present? If you are the one proposing, you should be thinking about what he wants and would make him happy. Even if you would want an extravagant proposal with an audience and lots of excitement, he may not feel the same way.


phoenix best event venue wedding showing couple exchanging their vow

Photo by Aaron Kess


Do you give him a ring?


Again, since this isn’t very traditional, you certainly don’t have to ask for his hand in marriage with a ring. You can choose something you think will be significant and matches his individuality. You also won’t be able to expect a ring from him unless you make it known that it’s important to you to wear one. If it’s not, maybe you can both come up with something you wear or keep that signifies marriage. There are no rules here!


Photo by Rustic Moon Photo


What’s most important is that you are both on the same page and make your decisions with love and gratitude. The love between two people doesn’t need to match any other couple or their experiences. Your relationship is unique, so don’t be afraid to step outside of the box!

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