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Real WH215 Wedding

It’s been almost two years Betsy & Steve had their wedding here with us at Warehouse 215 in Arizona, and we are still not over all of the adorable moments from their day!

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They had their ceremony in Bay 2, and used one of our in house upgrades for their backdrop. Our glass orbs filled small candles worked perfect for the soft romantic touch the couple wanted. We put up our light blocking metal shades for them to have a darker room to really make the candles pop!

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Our in house glass vases also matched the mood. And the couple purchased floating candles to go inside, Lining the isles with eucalyptus as well.

phoenix venue

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The couple said their “I do’s” underneath our bistro string lights and large wood truss ceilings. And then made their way to the reception portion of the evening!

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The reception was gorgeously set up in Bay 3, with a lowered cocktail table as the sweetheart table and lounge piece for the seating. They our in house upgrades for their Arizona wedding party, using our farm tables and metal chairs. Our bistro light wall makes the PERFECT statement on our charcoal wall, and this showcases our most popular set up for a sweetheart/head table.

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venues in arizona marquee letters

The whole reception room was stunning, and how amazing are these marquee letters?! Perfect touch.

They also had one of our favorite vendors who does caricature sketches, such a fun idea for guests!

caricature sketches party boothsketches guest wedding souvenirs

Betsy & Steve, we truly thank you for letting us be a part of your bright and special day!

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