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Some Like it Sweet


When it comes to weddings, the sweeter the better.  Dessert tables are such a fun and cute way to add a little something extra! The best kind of dessert tables are the ones that incorporate your theme, and add to the décor of your big day!  Here’s some of our sweetest ideas from weddings here at Warehouse 215!


Doughnut walls

Sweet Dessert

Treat your self and your guests with a doughnut wall that is as easily accessible as it is cute!





Cake Pops

Sweet Faces

A dessert that is bite sized, on a stick, and easy to carry is the cutest way to showcase your theme into the dessert!








Take out boxes

Sweet Night

Give your guests something sweet to remember you buy, and hand out treats in takeout boxes for your wedding favor!








Cotton candy booze

Wedding Beers

Nothing is sweeter than a little sugar garnish for your champagne, and it acts as a sweet little statement piece for guests to enjoy!







Every wedding is unique, and with our space here at Warehouse 215, it’s easy to create a space that is completely your own!


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