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Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2017

With the change of each season, comes new wedding trends, especially dresses! We love getting to see all the different ideas designers come up with year after year. This spring and summer season will not disappoint.

Here as some of the beautiful and fun trends we think should stick around!

Off- the- Shoulder

While this may not sound like a new trend, off- the-shoulder dresses are an elegant and subtle way to add a feminine touch to any gown. Not only do they provide a beautiful detail but they tastefully show any brides glowing skin. This trend is not for everyone, especially with revealing more skin, but will leave your guests (and husband-to-be) in complete awe.

Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2017 off the shoulder high slit gown

via MODWedding

Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2017 off the shoulder

via Style Me Pretty

Bell Sleeves

Not sure what kind of sleeve you want on your dress?? A fun way to spice up your dress is by having bell sleeves. Although it may remind you of a southern wedding, bell sleeves add a feminine touch that no other sleeve style can do. They can be subtle or over the top depending on how big the sleeve is. Another style that is not for everyone but we think bell sleeves will definitely be hanging around for a couple more years!

Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2017 bell sleeve bride kissing the groom

via Photographs by Caileigh

Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2017 bell sleeve gown for bride

via Ruffled Blog

Low Cut

A style that has been around forever and will always be a sexy way to change up your wedding dress. Whether it is in the front to add some cleavage or on the back of the dress to show some skin, the low- cut style will always make every bride feel like a queen. You don’t have to save all of your low-cut outfits for going out because you can incorporate it into your special day!

Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2017 Front low cut gown

via Koees Blog

Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2017 back low cut gown

via Alta Moda Bridal

Tea Length

Tea length dresses may take you back to a different time but they are making a comeback. Just like all fashion trends from the past, everything comes back into style again. Although slightly untraditional, this cut of dress may be in for some brides out there. It can adds a special vibe to the ceremony and could tie really well into your theme! When dress shopping, give this style a chance and maybe you’ll fall in love with it.

Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2017 tea length gown. couple walking on the street

via Kiss and Tell Photography

Spring Wedding Dress Trends for 2017. chic vintage bride tea length gown

via Chic Vintage Brides

Love these ideas for the coming seasons? Check out our Pinterest for all things wedding!

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