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Wedding Hair Accessories

If you think wearing a veil for your ceremony is outdated (or too expensive) you still have plenty of options if you want to add a little sparkle or flair to your day-of-hairdo. A lot of modern brides are opting for headbands, flashy hairpins, feathers and more in place of the traditional veil. No matter what style dress you choose, if your hair will be pulled back or flowy or what your theme is, there is a hair accessory for you!


Gatsby Chic


Wedding Hair Accessories: Gatsby Chic inspired

Photo found on DavidsBridal.com


This scrollwork headband from David’s Bridal offers a sophisticated but glamorous look.


Wedding Hair Accessories: Bohemian


Wedding Hair Accessories: Bohemian hair vine

Photo found on Etsy.com


Etsy is full of amazing pieces, including this Bohemian hair vine giving a very soft and delicate touch.


Downtown Phoenix Wedding Venues tips on Wedding Hair Accessories: Floral


Wedding Hair Accessories: Floral hair comb

Photo found on Etsy.com


If you want more of a nature-inspired headpiece, try something like this woodland flower hair comb which incorporates real ivory flowers and eucalyptus.




Downtown Phoenix Wedding Venues tips on Wedding Hair Accessories: Royal Tiara

Photo found on Etsy.com


For all of you royal wedding fans, a tiara (small or big – we won’t judge) can add just the right amount of elegance. This Swarovski Crystal tiara is affordable and will make you feel like a princess!

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