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Wedding Planning With Your Partner

Wedding Planning With Your Partner

Photo by: Peaches and Twine

How to get your partner involved with wedding planning?

Whether you’ve helped plan a wedding before or have no idea where to start, it’s important that you and your partner are invested on planning your wedding together. Not only do you want to avoid one of you being overly stressed with too much on your plate, but planning the details of your day together can ensure no unwanted surprises and that you both get exactly what you want. Here’s what to keep in mind!


Choosing Vendors

Each vendor you choose for your special day is extremely important. You want to make sure you both agree on the major decisions such as what food will be served, a photographer and their specific style, DJ or Band, and the list goes on. Even if you both decide one of you are going to take the reins with a specific vendor, be sure to communicate with your partner what your final decision is before putting a deposit down. You are in this together!


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Looking at Venues Together

Where you choose to have your ceremony and reception will lay the foundation for all the other planning. For example, arranging for a wedding by the beach is completely different than a wedding at a resort. Once you start to visit more and more venues, each walk through will spark questions you might not have had while planning at home together, so it helps to both be present for visits.


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Guest List

Planning your guest list can involve a lot of compromise. First you will want to discuss a max guest count so you have an idea of how many of your own friends and family you can invite. Keep in mind each invited guest pushes your budget higher. When you factor in the cost of their meal and alcohol consumption. So creating your guest list together will keep you both on the same page in regards to invited guests and your budget.


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Honeymoon Destination and Activities

The fun part! After all your hard work planning the wedding, the honeymoon is your chance to relax and enjoy being newlyweds. Planning where you want to honeymoon and what types of activities you would be interested in doing together. Will keep you both extra excited for the future and help you decompress from all the wedding hoopla!



The biggest thing to keep in mind while planning your wedding with your significant other is that communication is key. Maybe take an hour out of your day every week to sit down with your partner for the wedding planning and discuss your progress and what still needs to be done. Staying organized and open with each other will make for a much smoother experience. Happy planning!

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