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Wedding Registries

As you get into the depths of the wedding planning process, one of the most fun activities might be setting up your wedding registry! Setting up your wedding registry is thrilling. You get to pick out all of the gifts or cool vacations that you and your hubby have been wanting for quite some time! But, not all registries are created equal. Some registries are store specific while other registries may allow you to shop from any type of store you’d like!

Today on the blog we’re rounding up a few of our favorite wedding gift registries. Keep in mind that you don’t have to pick just 1 registry and most couples pick 1-3. We hope this helpful and insightful blog post shares insight on a few registries that may be the perfect fit for you!

Zola Registry

A personal favorite of ours is the Zola registry! Not only do we love Zola because you can create your own wedding website, but you can add anything (we repeat, anything!) to your Zola Registry! Another perk about Zola is that if you’ve changed your mind on a gift that’s been purchased, you can convert it to Zola credit and pick another gift! Your guests can also gift you cash or experiences curated by Zola! Also, if you have a registry at another store, you can have Zola import all of the items for you! We can go on and on about Zola – we really love them! Check them out at zola.com.

 Target Registry

Need us say more about everyone’s favorite store, Target!? Registering at Target is an easy ‘yes’ for us! If you’re looking for a more traditional registry experience, then registering at Target is the right decision for you. You can certainly do the online registry, but Target is one of the few stores where you get to go in person, get your own personal scanner and go crazy! Warning, don’t let the ‘fun’ one in the relationship get ahold of the registry gun or else you’ll end up with many unnecessary things on your registry. And no, we’re not speaking from experience ;).

 Amazon Registry

 If you live and die by Amazon, then an Amazon registry is the perfect solution for you! We have a lot of couples who walk through our doors and tell us about the wedding decor they’ve bought off Amazon, so it would only make sense to host your registry on Amazon too! They essentially have everything that you need and also provide free shipping and returns. From gift cards to honeymoon t-shirts to go-pros – Amazon really is a one-stop shop for all of your wedding registry needs!


Last but certainly not least, there’s honeyfund! If you & your fiance already have pots, pans and a nice set of china, then you may want to opt for a honeyfund! The honeyfund is intended to help fund the couple’s honeymoon which is usually a large expense on top of hosting a wedding. Check out honeyfund.com for more information on getting your honeyfund started!

What other wedding registries have you used? Comment below!

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