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Writing Your Vows – Don’t Stress!

Vows Wedding Venue Ideas Phoenix

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How could you possibly sum up all of your feelings for your fiancé? Writing your vows can seem challenging, but don’t fret. All you really need to do is reflect on your time together and focus on where you see your relationship going. The words will start to flow and your stress will melt away.


It might be hard to get started, so here are a few tips to help!


Newlyweds Wedding Vow

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1. Don’t write about everything you’re feeling


You obviously love your partner for more than a few reasons. You see your relationship going in a certain direction and are excited about the possibilities! But for the sake of your guests, keep it shorter than you might like.


2. Call on past experiences together


By now you’ve shared many fun and happy times together. Do you recall one of the first times you realized your relationship was headed towards marriage? The first thing your partner said to you that made you realize you loved them? Share those memories!


Newlyweds kissing on the best Phoenix Wedding Venue

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3. Inspire yourself with vows that have been posted on the internet


Writer’s block is AWFUL. It doesn’t mean you have nothing to say, you just need some inspiration! It doesn’t hurt to look at other couples’ vows to spark your flame and get to writing.


4. What would you like to hear from your partner?


Do you want to take the comedy route and entertain? Do you prefer to bear your soul? Consider what would make you happy to hear from your partner. Maybe you never considered taking another approach to the tone of your vows, but if you are the type of couple to tell silly stories and laugh together, then maybe don’t feel so pressured to write super serious vows.


Newly weds Wedding Vow Ideas Phoenix AZ

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5. What do you want to promise to your partner?


This can either be something you’ve worked together on as a couple, something you’ve grown together on. Or something you want to let them know you care about, and will keep in the forefront of your mind as the years go by.


Couples Wedding Vow Bride Crying

Photo by Courtney Sargent


We want to hear from you! Have you been worrying about writing your vows? Want to share a story from your own experiences? And as always, if you have any questions about Warehouse 215, don’t hesitate to email or call! We are here to help YOU!


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