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Winter Weddings

Winter is fast approaching and with it comes lower temperatures, holiday charm and in some areas even snow! Unfortunately, it doesn’t snow in Phoenix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the winter season into your December and new year weddings! It is also possible to do this without turning your festivities into a traditional winter wonderland look.

Here are a few ideas of elements that you can add to your upcoming winter wedding:


Use white, silver and light blues to create a light, frosty feel that will represent winter vibes. You can incorporate these colors into the tablecloths, centerpieces, flowers, etc. If you are looking for a darker, richer color for accents you can use a deep burgundy. It looks so beautiful as a color on bridesmaid’s dresses and makes the bride really shine. This will help you keep the winter charm without having to use the traditional red and green Christmas colors. The bride can also wear a daring deep red lip to compliment the color scheme.

winter wonderland wedding

via K and K Photograph www.kandkphotography.com

wedding dresses for winter

via Katie Schuler Photography www.katieshuler.com


Some flowers that are in season in the winter are anemones, lilies and roses. Although, you can use any combination of flowers that you like. To create a unison look, you can use the same kind of flowers in your bouquets and in your centerpieces on each table. You can either keep with the lighter, airy colors like white and blue or can incorporate burgundy tones.

winter wedding flowers

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bouquets for wedding

via Peppermint Photography www.peppermintphotography.com.au


Integrating elements of nature such as pinecones, and pieces of fir/pine trees (Christmas trees) will also add to the winter theme without overdoing it. These will add simple touches to your festivities. Using exposed wood tables and other various natural details including greenery will tie the decorations together seamlessly.

winter theme invitation inspired by nature

via Kate Obsborne Photography www.kateosbornephotography.com

pinecone candle holder Décor

via www.pinterest.com/pin/492862752954764347


Your wedding lighting can completely transform your celebrations. Winter weddings should be light to create a sparkling look. Bulb or Christmas lights on the ceiling can substitute as “stars” for an inside venue. Hanging lights, twinkling lights and various sizes of candles are all great ways to brighten up your special day. The lights look absolutely beautiful at night or inside, so the more the better!

winter wonderland table decoration with candle lights and white florals

via www.pinterest.com/pin/207095282836500284

light bulbs event decoration

via www.pinterest.com/pin/Ab7UOUg2U3_AVNAlyunI-C2fEPdvXKCyuIi8v3M2QPs9F9ObPffadNM

Lucky for you, Warehouse 215’s brick walls perfectly encapsulate the winter theme and remind us of a traditional brick fireplace that the whole family gathers around in the wintertime. The brick warms up the room with its red and browns and will serve as a perfect background for your winter celebration.

We hope we sparked some inspiration for your winter wedding! Happy holidays!

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